Great news for all foreigners in Kiev!


Russian Speaking Club

Адрес: Украина, Киев

At last you will have possibility to meet other foreigners, practice your Russian and learn more about Russian, Ukrainian and world culture.

Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable using Russian with other people, making new connections and contacts in Kiev.

We invite foreigners from different schools to take part in discussions, visiting theatres and exhibitions, having parties and picnics, bus trips to interesting places in Ukraine and many more exciting events prepared by Russian Club teachers.

Сопутствующие товары:


Цена: 22.70 долл.

One For All — PrimeLine

Цена: 8.26 долл.

One For All — Robusto

Цена: 8.26 долл.

One For All — Robusto

Цена: 8.89 долл.

One For All — Robusto

Цена: 10.80 долл.

One For All — Zapper

Цена: 7.75 долл.


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